All H1 and H2 students will be placed in the same class. However, H2 students will attend additional payable lessons in the months of March, June, November and December to cover for the additional chapters required in the H2 Economics syllabus. The additional topics in the H2 Economics syllabus are Market Structure, Cross Elasticity of Demand, Income Elasticity of Demand, International Trade, Moral Hazard, Asymmetric Information and Cost of Production. For H1, students need to do 2 Case Studies. For H2, students need to do 3 out of 6 essay questions and 2 Case Studies.
On top of the fees for the lessons of the month (depending on how many lessons there are left in the month), please bring along $120 material fees. It is a one-time fee to cover for printing expenses.
We accept both cash and cheque payment. Cheques can be made to “JC Economics Education Centre Pte Ltd”.
We specialize in Economics at the JC level. It is the only programme available here. does not conduct trial lessons for students. Fees are collected based on one billing cycle, which is one month.
You can arrange for a make-up lesson in the same week. Please inform Mr Anthony Fok in advance to confirm your attendance for the make-up lesson as seats may not always be available.